Persuasive sentence starters

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Use these sentence starters to help children practise making persuasive arguments.

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  1. caitlin
    on 15 April 2015


    that was horrible my child wont learn anything from that what about strong emotive words

  2. Winter
    on 24 September 2014

    Very Useful Sentence Starters

    I think this website is very useful for young children who are just starting to learn how to write persuasive writing formats.

    5out of 5
  3. evalina
    on 6 August 2014


    I think these are REALLY useful for when you can’t really think of a way to start an exposition or whatever I’m fairly good at writing expositions but I always use these just to get an idea of how to start my exposition I really do hope I finish my homework today ha-ha [I will] I loved it 5 stars

  4. Leanne Johnson
    on 20 July 2014

    Persuasive sentence starters

    A great resource for a year 2 persuasive writing units- definitely using these!!!

  5. Elle
    on 11 May 2014

    sentence startes

    I truly believe I strongly believe you should agree that in a strong and truthful truth everybody should believe that

  6. kaitlin crouch
    on 25 March 2014

    Sentence starters review

    These sentence starters are so AMAZINGLY GREAT!!! I used them on my homework task that going to school should be voluntary.Fingers crossed that I get good marks!

    5out of 5
  7. lucy
    on 27 November 2013

    love it like i love u

    Thank you extremely much. I loved every 1 of the openers. Lets now hope my teacher gives me full marks!

  8. Milan
    on 6 November 2013

    Really useful

    Thank you extremely much!! I loved every 1 of the openers!! Lets now hope my teacher gives me full marks!h

    Thanks Milan 10 yrs

  9. someone
    on 17 October 2013


    This is amazing it helped me with my homework….

  10. Stella
    on 8 October 2013


    I am very proud because I need help with my homework and this had CLEARLY helped me! Ty=thank you:)

  11. Amber
    on 6 September 2013

    School Election

    Thanks, I’m running for a school election and found this very supportive.

  12. AMNA
    on 26 May 2013


    My teacher gave me 50 MERITS ! for using those sentence starters.

  13. Mary Johnson
    on 19 May 2013

    sentence starters

    thank you so much this has helped me in my homework and SATS

  14. sahan
    on 22 April 2013


    thanks to whoever made this cuz I got an A+ in my exam thanks to you guys.


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Persuasive sentence starters

Persuasive sentence starters


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