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Warm up the grey cells with our exclusive online word games and visual puzzles

These resources are designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard and are ideal as fun challenges and excellent time-fillers. Whether you’re taking the morning register or simply need to keep children occupied while you set up a lesson, these visual and mental puzzles are quick to access, and can be left up on the board while children discuss and work out the answers.

There are two sets of brainteasers, Can you guess what it is yet? and What were you thinking? – which offer a combination of word challenges, mental arithmetic, science questions and picture puzzles. Simply choose the puzzle you want and you will instantly be taken to main menu screen.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Make the ordinary extraordinary with this fun set of visual puzzles. Children will enjoy guessing what is being shown from the small picture clue that they are given. Prepare yourself for some interesting answers!

From the menu, click the forward arrow to begin. The image that appears can then be left up on display while children make their guesses. By clicking on ‘Show me what it is’ you will zoom out to see the full picture, which will reveal the object or animal. Clicking on the back button will take you back to your main menu.

What were you thinking?

Train those brains with this selection of cross-curricular challenges. From simple shape sums to tricky ‘odd-one-out’ rounds, these simple visual and word puzzles are great for class quizzes, mental starters, time-fillers and even wet playtimes. The puzzles are operated in a similar way to the previous resource. From the menu, click on the ‘forward arrow’. Once the puzzle has been solved, click on ‘Show/hide answers’. To return to the main menu click on the back arrow.