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My love of stories…

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By Alex T Smithwriter and illustrator

Writer and illustrator, Alex T Smith, explains how his love of reading began in childhood

Alex T Smith

I’ve always loved books. Always. I used to sit ‘reading’ them even before I could make out what the letters meant. I was enchanted by the shapes of the words and the pictures and even the unique smell a book has. Even now if I feel like I’m in a bit of a panic, I dive headfirst into the nearest bookshop and stroll among the shelves for a few minutes, picking out the odd book for a flick through and a casual sniff. Maybe I shouldn’t admit to that…

My love of stories and storytelling came first of all from my family. We’ve always been a bookish bunch and with my grandparents coming from the four corners (well, three corners and the middle) of the British Isles I was exposed to lots of stories from a very early age.

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