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Working towards EYPS – Part 2

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By Beth EdohasimEarly Years Professional Status student.

We catch up with Beth Edohasim to find out how she’s getting on with her Early Years Professional Status training

Training update

The past month has been very hectic. My colleages and I almost felt overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done within a space of four weeks. We had two end-of-course assessments due on the same day within this period, and we also had to prepare for the Gateway Review – this has to be passed in order to proceed to the next stage of the course.

The Gateway Review

The Gateway Review consisted of a role-play interview with an actor over a staffing problem; a personal interview; an in-tray exercise in which we had to prioritise tasks, state what we want to do, how and why, and identify underlying issues within the different sceanrios; a presentation on a change or improvement that we have effected within our settings; and a follow-on discussion analysing and identifying three factors that made for an effective change.

We also had to prepare for the Gateway Review – this had to be passed in order to proceed to the next stage of the course.

Prior to the Gateway review, we submitted a piece of writing. Through this we were able to reflect our strengths and weaknesses with regards to the 39 standards we have to achieve in order to gain Early Years Professional Status. Our personal interview was based on this reflection.

Identifying areas of concern

I identified that I needed to gain more experience in the area of working as part of a multi-professional team. I had a bit of experience in this area at the private day nursery when I worked alongside a community nurse caring for a disabled child. Now at the nursery class, I have agreed with the nursery teacher the steps I need to take to gain more experience in this area.

Luckily, I sailed through the Gateway Review and I have also been informed that I passed the leadership and management course. These pieces of information have revitalised me and given me a boost of confidence and energy to prepare for the next phase of the training.

The next chapter of Beth’s training will be here soon!