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By Jean Evans – author and educational writer

This month author and educational writer, Jean Evans, brings all the fun of the circus to your setting with lots of great activities that cover all areas of learning and development within each of the themed spreads. It’s a great way to celebrate the New Year too.

Amazing acrobats

Trapeze bunnies

Imagine the skill and concentration that is needed for an acrobat to perform their act high up in the big top tent! Encourage children to support one another with all of their activities and give a helping hand and celebrate children’s achievements with our colourful online-only ‘Big top certificates’ to say well done! Read more…

Balancing acts

Balancing cat and dog

Holding a steady poise can be a tricky feat on two feet and children just becoming familiar with wheeled toys will love to ponder over images of unicyclists, travelling upright with only one wheel and no handlebars! While ‘Standing tall’, encourage children to focus upon height during their practical activities, talking about tall and short appropriately. Read more…

Fantastic jugglers

Juggling dog

Even young children can begin to learn simple movements to throw and catch accurately. Short, light scarves are ideal for tossing and throwing, allowing plenty of time to catch hold of them again – plus their vibrant colours reflect the circus theme. Read more…



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