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Art: New Year’s resolutions

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By Michelle Powell — freelance writer

Help those New Year’s resolutions along with these quick and clever craft ideas

Bookworm bookmark

Bookworm bookmark

Encourage children’s reading with a fun clip bookmark.

Skills: glueing, cutting

You will need: green, pink, white and purple felt; Activity sheet 1, ‘Bookworm bookmark templates’; large sectioning hair clip; black fun foam; sequins; hole punch; green pipe cleaners; pink chalk and sequins.

  1. Using Activity sheet 1, ‘Bookworm bookmark templates’ cut out the pattern pieces and draw around them onto the correct coloured felt.
  2. Sandwich the back prong of the clip between the two ‘Body’ pieces and glue in place. The handle of the clip should be at the top.
  3. Bend two 6cm pieces of pipe cleaner into antennae. Glue the ‘Head front’ to the ‘Face’ piece, capturing the antennae in between.

Tip: Make cardboard templates of all the shapes for the whole class to use

  1. Sandwich the front prong of the clip between the ‘Face’ and ‘Arms’ pieces and glue in place.
  2. Glue the ‘Pages’ onto the ‘Book cover’. Glue the ‘Hands’ in place holding the book.
  3. Punch circles of black fun foam for the eyes. Dot with a white pen and glue in place. Colour the cheeks with pink chalk. Decorate with sequins.

Fruit and Veg Os and Xs

Fruit & veg 0x & Xs

Make this popular game to explore the need to eat our five fruit and veg a day! For a quicker activity, the game can be made in pairs, one child making fruit, the other vegetables. Alternatively, each child could make a single fruit or veg counter to be used in a whole-class game.

Skills: glueing, cutting, drawing

You will need: selection of coloured fun foam or card; scissors; glue and a black pen.

  1. Cut ten 4cm squares from different coloured fun foam or card.
  2. Draw and cut out simple vegetable and fruit shapes. Create five vegetables and five pieces of fruit. Designs could be planned out on paper. Shapes could be flat or layered. Add detail using a black pen.

Tip: The children could make small salt dough or clay fruit and vegetables to develop sculpting skills

  1. Add the ‘fruit’ and ‘veg’ to the 4cm squares. Stick them on to contrasting coloured squares.
  2. Cut a 15cm square of foam or card and draw on lines 5cm apart to make the game board.

Subscribers can also download Activity sheets 2, ‘Piggy bank’ and 3, ‘Piggy bank templates’ for step-by-step instructions and templates for making this cute piggy bank.

Riggy bank


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    on 30 November 2010


    VERY fun to make looks fabulous!:)


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