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This month Louise Richmond brings you great activity ideas to cover all areas of learning and development; each set of activities focuses upon a different aspect of water, linking together to provide an enriching topic. There is a wealth of fantastic resources, activity sheets and planning materials to download that will support you with this exciting theme.

Big fish fun

Colourful fish

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister provides a stimulating focus for exploring emotions and creating inspired artwork. This is a beautifully illustrated story and there are some lovely sequels to further explore the characters during storytimes. Children will love catching ‘Fishes in the pond’ and counting them all back into their watery home. Who can catch the most fish? Why not keep a simple tally chart by the computer? Read more…

Pirate play

Pirate's treasure chest

All children love the excitement of maps and hidden treasure and there is role play galore with this theme! Pat Hutchins’ One-Eyed Jake is a great story starter for this themed spread and provides boundless opportunities for exploring Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy as the loads are added to the nasty pirate’s ship. Read more…

Water works

Water splash

Explore capacity and the properties of different materials with water in the main activities. Children always love playing with water, whatever the weather, inside and outside. Supporting play with gentle, intervening questions will help further understanding and develop the potential of investigations. Remember to talk with children about water safety, and the importance of water within their own lives and having regular drinks whatever the time of year, too. Read more…



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