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This month Hilary White takes us on a journey out and about exploring our natural environments and encouraging us to develop great learning opportunities for all of our little learners. If your outdoor space is limited, now is the time to start planning to make use of your local community. There are four lovely certificates available with this issue – use your access code to find these resources, and more!

The wild outdoors

Line of pebbles

Encouraging children to take responsibility for the world around them can start on their very own doorstep! Our activities will help younger children to develop an awareness of safety and to familiarise themselves with opportunities present in their outdoor spaces. An ‘Outdoor tidy rota’ template is available on our website to help you organise children’s roles and responsibilities and our downloadable sheet of ‘Wild Trail action words’ can be used to develop children’s physical abilities and gross motor skills. Read more…

Natural art

Selection of feathers

‘Found’ objects can provide great inspiration for creative artwork and a focus for talking about the different properties of each. Use the internet to extend and motivate children’s learning by examining the land art of Richard Long or Andy Goldsworthy, or the environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Enhance discussions and displays with the 12 ‘Natural textures circle-time cards’ that are available to download. Read more…

Wildlife habitats


Why not laminate the ‘Minibeast number cards’ and ‘Minibeast flashcards’ and hang them on a low level washing line to encourage independent hunts and minibeast spotting? Our handy ‘Observation and assessment bookmarks’ will help you to identify opportunities as children are playing. If you struggle to encourage minibeasts into your setting, organise a trip to a local nature reserve or invite a wildlife representative to come to your setting to talk to your children. Read more…



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