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This month Louise Richmond explores living things and how they grow and develop. Use these activities as a ‘stand alone’ theme or link them to ongoing topical work on ‘Ourselves’, ‘Plants’ and ‘Animals’. Use this issue’s posters for discussions, and the interactive game ‘What do I need?’ to support learning and create a fun, personalised poster!

I am growing!

Brother and sister

Encourage children to talk about their own stage of development and all the exciting things that they can do. Use the A2 poster ‘Life cycles’ to explore the different images of the child and identify stages that the children are familiar with. With this theme there is so much scope for health-related role play and opportunities to invite members from your local community to come into your setting to talk to children about their roles and how to look after ourselves. Read more…

Growing, growing, grown!

Girl with watering can

Get creative and be inspired by plants and flowers with these fantastic activities. There is nothing more satisfying than growing a crop that can be later harvested and enjoyed, whether it’s a simple cress sandwich or vegetables planted in an outdoor space. There is always scope for growing small crops in planter bags outside, too. Why not encourage children to design and make lots of flowers for a role play ‘Florist’, or create a practical garden centre area for physical play and language development? Read more…

Caring for creatures

Kitten and puppy

Explore what animals need to survive and help children to develop respect and understanding for living creatures. Simple matching games investigating younger and older animals will help children to look at the aging process from a different perspective. Encourage them to talk about their own animal experiences to allay any fears. You could also discuss appropriate interaction and handling of animals to ensure a safe relationship with pets and other creatures. Read more…