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Ideas and activities for Sport Relief

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Lots of fun activities based on C-Beebies favourite ‘LazyTown’ characters to get the children moving and get them involved in this year’s Sport Relief campaign

The Sportacus Warm up

Get your children ready for their challenge by warming up like Sportacus.

Resources: Floor area, imagination Outside or inside

In a circle and demonstrating each one, get them warmed up and with these special Sportacus moves:

  • Do 15 basketball shots. Jump as high as you can.
  • Do skipping rope for 30 seconds. Try it one one leg!
  • Let´s go skiing! Bend your knees. Let´s try the snowboard!
  • Let´s go swimming! Swing those arms!

Splash-a-ball – throwing activity to develop coordination.

Resources: Plastic containers and balls. Outside only! For small groups

With his Rainmaker 3000, Robbie Rotten made it rain for 3 days in LazyTown. Everything is full of water. Your children can help the kids in LazyTown to empty all the buckets (containers) by making a big splash!

  • Place a number of water filled containers about 2metres from a throwing line.
  • The containers should be close enough to enable children to hit them.
  • Throw balls or other waterproof items into the containers to make as big a splash as possible.
  • See if the students can nearly empty at least one of the containers.

Throlf – throwing activity that can help to develop coordination and accuracy in throwing.

Resources: Safety markers or hoops; bean bags. Indoors Whole class

The kids in LazyTown were sad. They wanted to play Golf but Robbie Rotten had hidden all their golf clubs. But then Sportacus came to visit and taught them an amazing game – Throlf! Let´s see if you will enjoy it as much as the LazyTown kids.

  • Place 8 hoops around an area and mark a throwing point for each hoop with a white marker.
  • Two children start at each white marker and take it in turns to throw the bean bag until they get it in the hoop.
  • Once successful they move to the next white marker
  • To make the ‘holes’ more challenging put obstacles in the way, make some of the ‘holes cardboard boxes and put them on chairs, or even hide some of the ‘holes’ behind something.

Balloony-uppies – a throwing and catching activity to develop coordination.

Resources: Sport Relief balloons, safety markers. Outdoors or indoors (depending on how windy it is!) Small groups or whole class

Robbie Rotten filled up some balloons with Stinky-gas. When they blow up, everything will smell terrible and everyone has to stop playing outside. Your children can help the LazyTowners by keeping the balloons up in the air so they don´t touch the ground and blow up!

  • Blow up the Sport Relief balloons included in the Nursery kit
  • Draw a white marker 2m apart
  • Two children stand at each white marker and throw the balloon towards each other and try to catch it
  • The challenge is to throw and catch it as many times as possible before it touches the floor

Topsy targets – throwing activity to develop coordination and accuracy in throwing

Resources: Bean bags; a variety of boxes as targets. Indoors Whole class

Sportacus had tied his airship down to some heavy buckets in LazyTown. Robbie Rotten took all the weight out of the buckets to make the airship blow away! Your children can save the airship by throwing the beanbags into the buckets to weigh it down again.

  • Find boxes that are a variety of sizes, with one side open.
  • Arrange the boxes at various heights, some with the openings at the top, others with the openings at the side.
  • In turns children throw the bean bags at the targets trying to ‘lose’ all the bean bags in the targets.

Sharpshooters – kicking activity to develop coordination and accuracy in throwing

Resources: ‘Goals’ and balls of various sizes. Indoors Whole class

Robbie Rotten has challenged the kids in LazyTown in a target competition. If he can hit the target more often than the kids, Sportacus has to leave LazyTown forever!! Your children can help the LazyTown kids to save Sportacus by scoring as many goals as they can in one minute.

  • Once they have broken into pairs, children are given a suitable target that is marked on a wall or shown by two safety markers.
  • They work together to see how many times they can hit the target in one minute

Dazzling Dribble – dribbling activity to develop coordination

Resources: Balls size 1 or 3. Indoors Whole class

Robbie Rotten is lazy and wants to sleep all day. The kids in LazyTown have decided to wake him up by dribbling balls over his lair. Your children can help to get Robbie active by dribbling as much as they can.

  • Arrange the children in pairs.
  • Each pair has two safety markers 4m apart
  • One player dribbles from one marker to the other and then ‘hides’ the ball under the marker.
  • The other player has to get the ball and dribble it back

Glide-a-mile – swimming lesson flotation and travelling activity

Resources: Swimming pool! Floats or woggles. Whole class

Robbie thought he was clever. He took all the apples from LazyTown and hid them at the other side of the lake. Your children can help the LazyTown kids to get the apples back by swimming/gliding with them from one bank to the other.

  • Ask children to glide as far as they can from the side.
  • Teacher makes a rough estimate as to how far the whole class has travelled.
  • Repeat until one nautical mile has been completed by the whole class.

Train teams – athletic activity for developing endurance through running or walking

Resources: safety markers and place names. Outdoors or indoors. Whole class.

Robbie Rotten has taken Sportacus crystal and is running away with it. Your children can help the LazyTowners by chasing him to various countries and try to get the crystal back!

  • Mark out a course on a netball court or similar with at least six stations or countries marked at certain points
  • In fours children have to safely travel to each of the countries
  • The leader calls out the pace
  • At each station the leader changes
  • When children have completed their journey, help them work out the distance
  • Continue until the class have completed a mile

Make a mile – gymnastic activity exploring shapes

Resources: Matted or safe area for lying. Indoors or outside if it’s dry! Whole class.

Pixel has been spending too much time on his computer and didn´t practise his alphabet. Sportacus thought a great way to help him learn his letters again. Your children can help by making even more letters for Pixel.

  • In groups of four *Show the children how to work together to make the shapes:
  • M – 4 people
  • L – 2 people
  • E – 4 people
  • Ask the children to try to make other letters and possible write a short sentence

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