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Books on the theme of ‘Growing’

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By Carole DoranReception teacher

Watch your book corner grow with this wonderful selection of themed children’s books

The Chimpanzees of Happytown by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees

This book tells the story of how the chimpanzees live sad and dismal lives in Drabsville – that is until they meet Chutney. He brings back a seed from his travels and everyone, except the mayor, loves the tree that grows from it. This is a wonderfully heart-warming story that is told in verse. There is plenty of humour and the artwork is full of detail. Look out for the banana roundabout and Chutney in jail as the mayor goes off on holiday to the country.

Suitable for ages four to 100! (Orchard Books, PB, £5.99).

Cat by Victoria Huseby

Lovely clear photographs of life cycles, and just the right amount of information on each page for even the youngest children to learn from. The additional colour-coded pictures on each page help to teach children how to use the contents page. This whole series would be a lovely addition to the non-fiction section of any school library.

Suitable for ages three to six (Looking at Lifecycles series, Franklin Watts, HB, £10.99).

Mabel’s Magic Garden by Paula Metcalf

This is indeed a magical story. Mabel has lovely flowers in her garden. Her friends come each day to play with her and together they enjoy the flowers, until one day Mabel discovers that they have flowers of their own. She accuses them of stealing her flowers and at this point everything changes. This story is a gentle introduction to science as well as focusing on friendship. The children enjoyed the story, but older children would be able to see the deeper meaning.

Suitable for ages four to six (Macmillan Children’s Books, PB, £5.99).

Bean by Barrie Watts

A non-fiction book that caters for a range of reading and learning abilities. The photographs are very clear for the youngest children to enjoy and the older children could read the main text. This would be a valuable resource for older children when planting beans, as it gives a thorough description of what they would expect to see as their plants grow.

Suitable for ages five to six (Watch it Grow series, Franklin Watts, PB, £5.99).

Shrinking Sam by Miriam Latimer

This will appeal to children as they hear about how Sam’s family ignore him as he begins to shrink. At school, even his pencil appears to be the size of a crocodile and he thinks it is trying to eat him! Sam finally gets washed down the plug hole where he meets Izzy – who fell down the toilet! The children in my class loved that idea. The wonderful artwork compliments this delightful story about self-esteem.

Suitable for ages four to six (Barefoot Books, HB, £10.99).

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