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Ten of the best at sea resources

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Need a bit of inspiration? Then check out our guide to these top ten resources

Counting Fish

Counting fish


This versatile pack of 50 undersea items – ranging from sharks to sunken ships – is perfect for making maths fun. Each item has a value ranging from 1p to 10p on it, allowing for a variety of money activities. Perhaps children can bury the objects in sand or try fishing them out and calculating their catch.

Gem stones

Gem stones


This pack of approximately 250 assorted gems make excellent treasure. They come in a variety of sizes and colours so children can fill their chests with rubies and diamonds and other precious stones. Introduce some geography to your lesson and ask children to devise a treasure map once they have filled their chests with these little gems.

Mini treasure chests

Mini treasure chests — BEST BUY


What’s more exciting than a treasure chest? A whole class full of them! These fantastic mini chests come ready for decoration and can then be filled to overflowing with all manner glimmering gold and sparkling stones. There are plenty of opportunities for art and design and at only 75p each, these chests are a real steal!

Sea stampers

Sea stampers


For some arty ocean fun this set of sea stampers with their large, easy-to-grip handles make a great addition to your art resources. You could create a whole-wall display with this set that includes everything you’d hope to see in an under-the-sea set.


Pirate’s hook


Shiver me timbers! No legitimate pirate is complete without a hook and at this price you won’t need to plunder all your pieces of eight to get your hands on this appendage. These make a fantastic addition to your dressing up stash.

Junior compass

Junior compass


Teach children about the days before Sat Nav when sailors and navigators would have been lost without a compass. With this traditional looking piece of nautical kit, it’s not hard to picture a sailor pouring over it as he takes the helm. This product allows for plenty of links to history, geography and maths.

Sea Monkey aquarium

Sea Monkey aquarium


Sea Monkeys make a great school pet as they require minimal fuss and don’t make a mess. These creatures live in suspended animation until you provide them with a water supply – they then hatch and grow to around 1-2cm. This kit contains Sea Monkey eggs, a tank, food and an information book on how to care for your mini pets.

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Festive fish


This set of thirty ready-to-make fish is ideal for using with a whole class as they can be made with relatively little supervision. Each pre-cut fish is ready prepared with holes and comes with everything you’ll need to make a shoal of fish for your school, including: 30 plastic safety needles, sequins and felt for decoration and stuffing.

Trim the Ship's Cat

Trim the ship’s cat


This engaging video conference offered by the National Maritime museum allows your class to learn all about Trim, the ship’s cat and his adventures at sea. An interactive way for children to learn about life aboard a ship.




This large, brightly coloured, wipeable chest would be perfect for a project on pirates or under the sea. It would also make a useful ‘topic trunk’ to encourage creative writing. It is easy to assemble and packs away flat when not in use.



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