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Books on the theme of ‘Holidays’

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By Sarah Stevens — Reception and Reading Recovery teacher

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Are We There Yet? by Jan Fearnley

A humorous tale of a family of cats who attempt to go on a car journey to see their grandparents. Poor disgruntled dad is called on to retrace their steps numerous times, as each family member accidentally leaves something behind. The book contains lively illustrations on each page that really convey the emotions. The children found the story very funny and laughed a lot of the way through it.

Suitable for ages four to eight (Harper Collins, PB, £5.99).


Going on Holiday by Mary Auld

A great introduction to holidays with bold writing and clear photographs. Each page makes a statement about going on holiday and finishes with a question for the reader relating to their experiences of holidays. We found it encouraged discussions and allowed the children to make comparisons with their own experiences. One child remarked: ‘The photos look just like me on holiday!’.

Suitable for ages three to six (My Family and Me series, Franklin Watts, HB, £10.99).


Seaside by Ruth Thomson

This book focuses on different features located around seasides, and provides some interesting facts, with numerous photographs illustrating each one. The children were enthralled by the information given and it led to a range of questions and discussion points. This book is a great introduction to non-fiction books, having important features such as a contents page and index.

Suitable for ages four to eight (Look Around You series, Wayland, HB, £11.99).


Mr Bear’s Holiday by Debi Gliori

A delightful story of a family of bears that go camping. Not everything goes to plan, but they still have a good time. It conveys all the excitement that going on holiday entails and provides an exciting and humorous ending. The artwork is detailed and almost tells the story by itself. The story is simple, yet enjoyable and works well with a large group of children.

Suitable for ages three to six (Orchard Books, PB, £5.99).


Melrose and Croc Beside the Sea by Emma Chichester Clark

A charming story of two friends, Croc and Melrose. Croc is feeling cross, so Melrose cheers him up by asking him questions, allowing Croc to guess where they are going. Croc and Melrose end up at the beach and have a great time together. This story conveys the importance of having friends and how they can look after each other. The children talked about their good friends and what their friends do to help them.

Suitable for ages four to six (Harper Collins, PB, £5.99).

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