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British Red Cross

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Where can you find fresh thinking on first aid learning?

Are you looking to teach primary school pupils the essentials of first aid? The British Red Cross first aid resource for children features everything you need. It is simple to use, requires no specialist knowledge and will enable children to feel confident that they can help.

British Red Cross - Kelly and Dan

Life. Live It. is the perfect web-based tool for delivering first aid education. Using a combination of interactive activities, film scenarios, information sheets and quizzes, Life. Live it. aims to build a generation of life-savers through increasing young people’s ability, confidence and willingness to give first aid. Furthermore, they will learn the importance of giving first aid without risk to themselves. The resource includes:
  • flexible lesson plans and teachers notes
  • interactive activities
  • film scenarios
  • worksheets and scenario cards
  • first aid demonstration videos
  • interactive quiz

British Red Cross: Life. Live it.

Life. Live It. is designed for primary pupils aged 6-11 and emphasises the simple skills that pupils need to know. The key messages of the teaching resource are that:
  • simple actions can make a difference
  • anyone can learn to give first aid in different situations
  • children can gain confidence to help in an emergency

People have accidents or can suddenly be taken ill at any time. By learning first aid, children are empowered to look after themselves and each other. We hope that your pupils are inspired by the Life. Live It. resources and see the impact that first aid skills can have on their own lives.

First aid is an invaluable life skill, that also helps meet whole school outcomes – particularly in SMSC (England), Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland), PSE (Wales) and Learning for Life and Work (Northern Ireland).

The Life. Live It. resource contains a wide range of learning materials and guidance for teachers. The resource contains learning materials and guidance around the following themes:

Pupil areas

What is first aid?
  • how first aid works
  • for parents: what you need to know
  • for pupils: what you need to know
  • ‘how to’ videos (showing how to give basic treatment)
  • first aid: why the big deal?
Stay safe
  • introduction
  • film scenario: hot chocolate – part 1 (a short video story about a first aid situation involving children)
  • interactive activity: spot the danger
  • ‘how to’ videos (showing how to give basic treatment)
  • assessment quiz – multiple choice
Help save lives
  • introduction
  • film scenario: hot chocolate – part 2 (continuing the story)
  • interactive activity: treat me
  • ‘how to’ videos
  • assessment quiz – multiple choice
Emergency action
  • introduction
  • film scenario: hot chocolate – part 3 (continuing the story)
  • interactive activity: 999 emergency
  • ‘how to’ videos
  • assessment quiz – multiple choice

Teachers’ area

Specifically designed for teachers, the resources on these pages can be used in your classroom to develop the first aid knowledge and confidence of your pupils. They will know what to do when they, or others, experience an accident, injury or illness.

The teaching materials are designed to be flexible so that you can select or adapt them to create the best fit for your class and select the learning materials that best meet the needs of your pupils. The lesson plans give suggestions for incorporating the film scenarios and interactive activities into sessions, and include accompanying worksheets.

Take a look at what we offer
  • introduction
  • teaching first aid information sheet
  • two lesson plans and two worksheets for ‘Stay safe’
  • three lesson plans and a worksheet for ‘Help save lives’
  • two lesson plans and two worksheets for ‘Emergency action’
  • curriculum links and cross-curricular links
  • extra activity ideas and websites
  • awards
  • 999 operator script
  • scenario cards
  • quiz dashboard


  1. marycathrin
    on 5 December 2014

    Life.Live it

    Wonderful resource to teach children without making errors !

    5out of 5