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Ten of the best fire resources

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Need a bit of inspiration? Then check out our guide to these top ten resources

Pepys pack

Pepys pack


This pack includes everything you’ll need to play the part of Pepys and to set the scene for learning about the Great Fire of London. Children will love the wig and have great fun using the parchment style paper and quill – not forgetting of course to secure their letters with the wax and seal. A great introduction to learning about different historical sources.

Fred the Firefighter cover

Fred the Firefighter


This is a super book to use with your class to introduce them to the work that firefighters do and the importance of fire safety. The bright and colourful information book takes children out on a call with Fred the Firefighter and the rest of his crew. A glossary of firefighter words and advice on fire safety are also included.

Firefighter set

Fire fighting kit


This kit contains seven essentials for a modern day firefighter that will provide plenty of role play possibilities. Boys especially will have great fun playing with this equipment and learning in a very visual way about people who help us. It would also form a good starting point to discuss the differences between modern firefighters and people who did the job in the past.

Frances the firefly website

Frances the Firefly website


A fun, free and informative website full of activities and games to highlight the dangers of fire to your class. Why not have a go kitting out a fireman in his uniform, spotting hazards around the home or reading the story of Frances the Firefly?

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Candle making kit

Candle making kit


Each pack in this class kit contains 30 squares of coloured wax and 15 wicks ­- all ready to be shaped and moulded. This would be a fun end-of-term craft activity and would make nice little gifts for children to keep.

Fire of London website

Fire of London website


This fantastic new website is definitely one to add to your favourites when learning about the Great Fire of London. An interactive story and games allow you to visit each day of the fire and provides plenty of useful resources, including an image bank and activity ideas. Children will develop their historical thinking and find out what it was like to live back then.

Marbling inks

Marbling inks BEST BUY


Create some swirly fire-themed artwork with raging red and yellow using this set of marbling inks. The inks come in six colours and work well on paper, wood and fabrics. Children will enjoy swirling their own design for this straightforward activity that can produce some really effective and individual artwork.

Great fire of London workshop

Great Fire of London Workshop

Prices available on request

Bring the Great Fire of London to life with this hands-on workshop for up to 60 children. History Off the Page offer experience days incorporating drama and practical work. All the equipment and materials are provided as children take on the roles of the workers and residents of London on 3 September 1666.

Maps of Tudor London

Maps of Tudor London


These maps from before and after the Great Fire of London will help children to appreciate the damage caused and the changes that took place. A fantasic way to incorporate an element of geography into your history teaching.

Fire tray puzzle

Fire jigsaw


Once the pieces have been removed from this simple but appealing jigsaw, the inside of the fire station is revealed, perfect for opening up discussion with your class about what firemen do when they’re not on a call and what fire stations are like.



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