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I Went to Visit a Farm One Day song lyrics

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By Song lyrics taken from Fun Songs for Early Years: Animal Songs written by Linda Mort

Use these lyrics to sing along to the I Went to Visit a Farm One Day song with the children


I Went to Visit a Farm One Day

I went to visit a farm one day,

(children swing their arms, as if walking.)

I saw a goose across the way,

(Children put hand above eyes, as if concentrating on what they see.)

And what do you think I heard him say?

(Children put hand to ear.)

‘Ssss, ssss, ssss’

(Children make hissing noises.)

Repeat the next two verses, changing animal name and noises.

I saw a cow across the way, ‘Moo, moo, moo’ I saw a horse across the way, ‘Neigh, neigh, neigh’.