The hand of the damned

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By David Tomlinsonteacher and writer

By day Karl, Nabil, Jade and Simone are just normal everyday school kids in Year 5 at Hollowby Oak Primary, but once the school bell rings they are… the ScienceBustas! On receiving orders from The Professor they go places their mates couldn’t even dream of…


Welcome to this instalment of 21st Century ScienceBustas in which the ScienceBusta gang face a new and exciting challenge – a mystery that can only be solved through science. Each story includes activities that can be taught in one lesson or split into shorter sessions. They are designed to directly involve your class in solving the mystery while supporting your science teaching. They are designed to directly involve your class in solving the mystery while supporting your science teaching. This article focuses on changing states. Try reading the story in the Literacy Hour, focusing this month on words to replace ‘said’.

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“What’s all this about? It’s the holidays!” Nabil was not amused, but the professor looked serious. “I’m sorry to interrupt your plans ScienceBustas, but the Ritzy Cinema on the corner of the High Street has contacted us. They’re panicking because the spooky film is coming on even after the cinema is closed for the night. You can hear the screams – it’s an emergency!”

The Ritzy Cinema was an old-fashioned place with one large screen. Mr Prentice the manager was an old-fashioned man with one large moustache.

“The thing is,” he explained worriedly, “business is slow because of the Multi-Screen cinema by the motorway. They’ve been trying to close us down. It’s only now that we’ve started making money.” “Why?” Simone asked puzzled, stepping over a puddle of water by the door. There was also a bit of candle, but she didn’t know why.

“We’ve started showing The Hand of the Damned. Very popular you know, rather splendid.” He twiddled his moustache proudly. “Have you seen it?”

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