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Books on the theme of ‘On the farm’

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By Heidi Reitzedeputy head and Foundation Stage coordinator.

Get down on the farm with this wonderful selection of books

Spend a Day on the Farm by Jane Yorke, Matthew D Schofield and Sarah Davis

day-on-the-farm_1212577941.jpg A real hit with the children. The large and clear photographs allowed you to really view the farm through the eyes of two children as they take you around their farm. The accompanying DVD provides clips of the animals using just background sounds, and the book indicates when to watch the images. This really supported the story and allowed the children to talk about it while they were watching it.

Suitable for ages two and upwards (Dorling Kindersley, HB, £7.99).

Pop-up Farm IQ by Roger Priddy

farm-iq_1212578053.jpg This immediately captured the children’s attention with its large, colourful, photographic, pop-up features on each page. This non-fiction text focuses on life on a farm and is full of interesting facts and information. The photographs stimulated the younger children’s attention and they screamed with excitement at the tractor pop-up and wanted to touch it themselves. However, selected text needed to be used as the children’s attention to focus on more than one aspect was limited. This book was revisited independently by many children in the reading corner as they were fascinated by the pop-up structure.

Suitable for ages five to seven (Priddy Books, BB, £4.99).

Farm Animals by Sue Barraclough

farm-animals-_1212578128.jpg A wonderful, child-friendly, non-fiction text. The delightful photographs fill the pages, giving the illusion that you are actually at the farm. The easy-to-read text captured the children’s attention and allowed some of them to participate with the reading. At the end of the book is a picture and index quiz, which was an excellent introduction to the use of non-fiction text. Although more expensive than some other non-fiction books, the simplicity of the photographic illustrations and level of child participation makes this a worthwhile buy.

Suitable for ages two and upwards (Wayland, HB, £10.99).

Cock-a-doodle Boo! by Sally Hopgood

doodle-boo_1212578197.jpg This book is about a rooster who clearly loves his job, waking up all the animals on the farm with his trademark ‘cock-a-doodle’. A pop-up feature appears each time an animal is woken. The children quickly noticed the rhyme on the words ‘boo’, ‘moo’ and ‘shoo’ and joined in almost straightaway – they demanded an immediate repeat of the book. The story allowed great whole-group participation and I could hear lots of loud giggles! An enjoyable read by both children and practitioners.

Suitable for ages three to seven (Top That Publishing, HB, £9.99).

Shoo! by Michael Rosen and Jonathan Langley

shoo_1212578271.jpg This tells the story of a cat shooing all the animals out of the barn until he is left alone, and then realising the value of companionship and friendship. This left the children thinking about friendships and forgiveness and many children related the story to their own experiences. The lovely illustrations allowed the children to understand the setting of the story and they happily joined in with the repetition of ‘shoo!’.

Suitable for ages four to six (Harper Collins, PB, £5.99).

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