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Step into a world of daring princes, sleeping beauties, cackling witches, fearsome trolls… oh, and sticky-back plastic and kitchen rolls!

Bringing an exciting cross-curricular project to your classroom doesn’t have to be the stuff of fairytales… we are providing all the support you need to allow your class to build this spectacular model.

Grandma's cottage Click here to read Jane Bower’s humorous account of ‘The Making of Fairytale Kingdom’.

The features of Fairytale Kingdom have been planned so that each offers different techniques, materials and simple moving mechanisms. They all include activities manageable by children, although some parts will have to be completed by an adult assistant.

To help you with your planning, here is the running order of the Fairytale Kingdom project. Activities and making instructions will be released on our website on the following dates…

Rapunzel's Tower

Part 1 Rapunzel’s Tower

Lift the prince to his true love’s window with the help of Rapunzel’s braided hair.

Grandma's cottage Part 2 Grandma’s Cottage (Online: 15 September) There is a surprise in store for those who venture inside Granny’s home.

The troll's bridge Part 3 Troll’s Bridge (Online: 13 October) Who will dare to cross the bridge? Push the warning sign to reveal the fearsome troll!

Fairytale Kingdom icon: Sleeping Beauty's Castle Part 4 Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (Online: 17 November) Discover secret panels, moving walls and a sleeping princess who awaits her prince!

Gingerbread House Part 5 Gingerbread House (Online: 15 December) Tempt Hansel and Gretel into the witch’s house – a model that is literally good enough to eat.

Scenery extras Part 6 Scenery extras (Online: 15 January) From a wall of thorns to a wintry forest, complete your amazing model with some imaginative finishing touches!

Fairytale Kingdom is just one of the many great projects brought to you by Scholastic Education Magazines – Child Education PLUS, Nursery Education PLUS, Junior Education PLUS and Literacy Time PLUS.

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