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Outdoor fun in August

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By Rose Joyceaccredited trainer and facilitator at Learning through Landscapes.

It’s August! Take advantage of the glorious summer weather and enjoy these outdoor activities

Water sounds

bucket.jpg Take a small group of children outside and fill a bowl or bucket with water. Explore the different sounds they can make with water by swirling it round with their fingers, smacking it with the flat palm of their hands, and moving it from side to side with the edge of their hands. Repeat these actions more slowly or more quickly. Listen carefully to the different sounds they make and invite the children to replicate these sounds with their voices as they move the water.

Outdoor band

log.jpg Collect natural materials from outdoors such as sticks, stones, twigs and pine cones. Suggest that the children choose one item and see if they can make a noise with it. Listen to and talk about the sounds that each child makes. Is it a loud sound, a quiet sound or a scratchy sound? Include the children’s words in your descriptions of what they hear. Invite them to choose another item to go with their first one and make new sounds using both of them together. Create an outdoor band by encouraging the children to sing a favourite song or rhyme and accompany it with their new sounds.

Pass the sound

whisper.jpg Sit in a circle in your outdoor area with the children. Ask them to listen carefully because you are going to pass a sound around. Turn to the child next to you and make a short ‘a’ sound. Ask them to pass it on to the next person until everyone has made the sound. Continue by passing around a long ‘ahhhh’ sound. Experiment with different sounds, encouraging the children to listen carefully and pass the sound accurately. Play with sounds such as ‘wheeee’, ‘ssssssss’, ‘zzzzzzz’, ‘tick tock’, and add some loud and quiet sounds.

Muddy milkshake

hand_1214990967.jpg Take a large bucket and a watering can full of water to the outdoor digging area. Explain to the children that they are going to make some muddy milkshake. Invite them to dig spadefuls of sand or soil and put them into the bucket. Add water from the watering can and help the children to stir and mix it together. Talk about the texture, the wetness, the sludginess and the slipperiness of the mixture. Gradually start to create alliterative phrases to describe the muddy milkshake, for example, ‘slimy, slippery, sludge’, and encourage the children to join in.



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