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Eco-island: Find out more

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Your class can join hundreds of others to help decide the fate of Eco-island

Eco-island was once a beautiful place to live. People from all four corners of the world would come and visit its glorious beaches and exciting city attractions. But then something went wrong. The people who lived on the island got lazy and forgot to take care of their wonderful environment. The island began to change. The once popular beaches are now empty – their white sands covered in litter. The blue waters of the Crystal River have turned green… the trees and plants along its banks now shrivelled and dying. Outside the smoggy city, the rolling green hills are lost under scrap heaps and rubbish piles.

The more schools that help a zone the more likely it is to improve

No one wants to visit Eco-island anymore. The people who live there are miserable because they don’t know what to do to make their island well again. Will things get worse before they get better?

You can decide…

By helping and showing the residents of Eco-island how you can improve and look after your school and local area, they can start to try out what you have shown them. Perhaps there is hope for Eco-island after all… if you are willing to help!

The zones

Each of the five zones of Eco-island focuses on a different area of conservation. As children work on the activities they will help improve a zone.

Sky City icon Sky city: The majestic city of skyscrapers has become so over populated and clogged with traffic that it is now covered in clouds of thick brown smog.

Sandy Mile icon Sandy Mile: This strip of beach was once golden sands but is now covered in litter. An oil tanker has sunk off the coast, and thick black oil is leaking into the water.

Scrapheap Barrens Scrapheap Barrens: The area outside Sky City was once verdant green hills full of wildlife. Now it has become a dumping ground for rubbish from the city.

Silverleaf Forest icon Silverleaf Forest: The woodland is being chopped down to fuel the furnaces of the factory and meet the ever demanding needs of the city.

Sludge River icon Sludge River: Once known as Crystal River, the blue waters are now swamped by toxic green sludge. The factory on the hill is clearly responsible, with its big pipes churning out sludge into the river.

What can your class do to help?

It’s simple. Choose a zone and activity, and then complete it with your class. Record your children’s work and then upload the photographs (and accompanying captions) as a PowerPoint show using our show and tell facility. The more schools that help a zone the more likely it is to improve – and you will be able to see the results for real, by checking the island image on our home page.