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Eco-island: Sludge River

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Focus: Water pollution/renewable energy.

Once known as Crystal River, the blue waters are now swamped by toxic green slime. The factory on the hill is clearly responsible, with its big pipes churning out sludge into the river. The banks of the river are blackened, the trees are dying and the vegetation withered.

Baron Von Toxic runs the factory on the hill. What does his factory make? No one seems to know but whatever it is…. it must be something very important (or very bad) because it is always belching out smoke and releasing smelly green slime into the river…

  • Perhaps we need to investigate more – and look at other ways that Baron Von Toxic could run his factory.

The river is a damaged eco-system. The wildlife and vegetation have all been affected by the green sludge that is pouring out of the factory.

  • By helping to clean up the river we can restore it to a healthier, cleaner habitat for life to thrive once again.

Zone activities

Activity 1 – investigate how water flows from mountains to the sea and represent this journey by creating a textured 3D map.

Activity 2 – investigate chemicals in household cleaning products and design some new eco-friendly versions.

Activity 3 – represent a polluted river in the form of a shape poem using imagery and a variety of descriptive language.

Activity 4 — Make a mobile that demonstrates the danger to wildlife caused by rubbish in rivers.

Activity 5 – make a garden and find good alternatives to using chemical pesticides when looking after the plants.

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  1. Sophia McManus
    on 22 June 2012

    Helping Sludge River

    I see that Sludge River is a extremely polluted river and that there are a lot of things to be done with it. That is why I think that we should reuse and recycle the products that the factory above Sludge River is doing and that after that we clean Sludge River and make sure that where they put the nasty things from Sludge River will not cause any pollution problems.