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Eco-island: Sky City

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Focus: Air pollution/transport.

This majestic city of skyscrapers has become so over populated and clogged with traffic that it is now covered in clouds of thick brown smog.

The Hog Car – these petrol guzzling, smoke belching vehicles are churned out from a factory owned by Hugo Hog. They are cheap but are they really the best transport option for the people of Sky City?

  • Surely there must be a better way of getting around. Perhaps it is time that Hugo Hog was shown some alternatives!

Nipper Wasps are on the increase in Sky Sity. A new spray is the only way of fighting them off – but what harm is this spray doing to the environment?

  • Where have these horrible insects come from? Why are they suddenly making Sky City their new home? Time to investigate!

Zone activities

Activity 1 – conduct a survey on means of travelling to school and represent findings on a pictogram.

Activity 2 – discuss the pollution caused by vehicle exhaust fumes and represent this pollution by making a ‘smogstorm’ ornament.

Activity 3 – run an Eco Driving School to help educate families on how to reduce their car emissions.

Activity 4 — Organise and advertise a Walk to School Day.

Activity 5 – produce a textured piece of artwork that highlights the value of trees in our cities.

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