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Eco-island: Sandy Mile

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Focus: Beach conservation/clean-up.

This strip of beach was once golden sands but is now covered in litter making it dangerous for tourists. An oil spillage off the coast is also affecting local wildlife and making the sea off-limits for swimmers.

The Black Trident sank off the coast of Eco-island, its tanks ruptured by the jagged stones of the reef. Over time, the thick black oil has spilled out into the ocean, and has started to wash ashore, along with the sea life that it has sadly affected.

  • The island inhabitants will need to understand the dangers of oil pollution to sea and beach wildlife.

A beach clean-up will need to be started in order for the litter to be removed and new beach facilities built. Then the tourists will need to be attracted back to this beautiful holiday destination.

  • Perhaps all that litter doesn’t need to be thrown away. There are other uses it could be put to. The islanders are very eager to learn more.

Zone activities

Activity 1 – organise a litter collection and create a seaside wildlife sculpture from what is collected.

Activity 2 – discover how to clean and save a seabird that has been affected by oil pollution.

Activity 3 – make a poster depicting the perfect seaside destination to attract people to visit.

Activity 4 – make eco-friendly gifts for a beach souvenir shop.

Activity 5 – design a ‘Bag for Life’ in a bid to help rid the environment of too many plastic bags.

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