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Eco-island: Silverleaf Forest

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Focus: Deforestation/habitats/renewable energy sources

Silverleaf Forest is being chopped down to fuel the furnaces of the factory (see Sludge River) and meet the ever demanding needs of Sky City.

The Buzzsaws are machines that are sawing and chopping down the trees. By destroying the forest habitat and churning up the earth with their tracks, eco-systems are being affected.

  • Perhaps it is time a campaign group was set up to highlight the impact of deforestation on the wildlife in the woodlands and the climate as a whole.

Forest resources are being used up at an alarming rate by the residents of Sky City. Soon there will no longer be a forest for the people of the island to enjoy.

  • Waste not, want not. The islanders need to be shown less wasteful and damaging ways of using paper and fuel.

Zone activities

Activity 1 – make homemade paper in a variety of styles and colours.

Activity 2 – investigate the features of a deciduous forest and build a large collage representing the woodland.

Activity 3 – Investigate the ecosystem of a deciduous forest and add a range of animals to the woodland collage started in Activity 2.

Activity 4 — Design a pot for a tree seed and plant the tree in a local area.

Activity 5 – make a plastic milk carton bird feeder to help feed local birds. Return to home page


  1. Sophia McManus
    on 22 June 2012

    Silverleaf Forest

    Silverleaf Forest apparently looks more like a old used football field than an actual forest and it is quiet obvious that it needs a lot of help. In my opinion I think that we should plant more trees,clean up the litter (but make sure that where we put the litter will not cause pollution),protect the forest and put up 2 new rules that you can only chop trees if it is a very desperate situation and if it thought through and that if you chop a tree you will have to plant 4 more.