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Eco-island: Scrapheap Barrens

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Focus: Recycling/land-use

The area outside Sky City was once verdant green hills full of wildlife. Now it has become a dumping ground for rubbish from the city.

The ‘waste’ land of rubbish will need to be tackled first. The islanders don’t know anything about recycling or the properties of materials.

  • Recycling and sensible waste management are the key to reducing the Scrapheap Barrens. By sharing our creative ideas with the islanders we can help turn the mountains of waste into green hills once again.

The green hills lie under piles and piles of rubbish. Once the recycling programme is underway and the hills are finally revealed, it will be time to decide how best to make use of the new land.

  • There will be several islanders who will be interested in the land. From a campsite and farm to a new airport, there will be many options… but which will be chosen?

Zone activities

Activity 1 – to conduct an investigation into the use of plastics in our society and to create a giant mosaic of plastic materials.

Activity 2 – to design and make a modern recycling box from recyclable materials.

Activity 3 – to start a composting scheme at school in the form of a ‘Worm Restaurant’.

Activity 4 — To reduce packaging by making homemade cleaning products.

Activity 5 – recycle old Christmas cards and use them to make new ones.

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