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Christmas poetry presents

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By Paul Cookson, Literacy Time PLUS Poet-in-residence

Here we are then, getting towards the end of a busy term and thinking about Christmas. I thought I’d give you a couple of Christmas poems that are not only fun for reading out loud but which could also work well as introductions to your own poetry workshops …


Both of these poems appear in my collection Funny Poems For Christmas (Scholastic, 9780439944106). Literacy Time PLUS is offering you the chance to win a copy of this book by helping us to write a shared Christmas poem (see below).

Ideas for the classroom

Take Note…

This poem is about leaving a note for Santa and – more surprisingly – receiving a note from Santa about what he would like. Why not write a list poem of your own, called CHRISTMAS WISHES FOR … about particular items that someone might want for Christmas – maybe a teacher, a footballer, mum, dad or even the dog, cat or hamster. The things on the list don’t have to be “physical” – for example, mum might want peace and quiet, teachers may wish for extra holidays.

Chrismixed-up Mum

This is about mum getting things mixed up in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas time. Why not write a list of things that different people have to do at Christmas and then mix up the endings?

Take Note…

I emailed Father Christmas


With this year’s Christmas list

And everything I want

Expensive and expansive

I asked for such a lot

Then Santa emailed back

And this is what I got

A print out of another list

Of things that I should leave

At the bottom of the chimney

On this Christmas Eve…

Snow proof leather Wellingtons

Thermal underwear

Gloves with fleecy lining

A hat that’s lined with fur

A scarf that’s extra long

To wrap around a beard of white

Goggles for the snowstorms

Headlights for the stormy night

Reindeer socks and woolly hats

Carrots, milk and oats

Sherry, pies and whisky

To warm up winter throats

Chocolate bars for energy

Coffee, tea and cake

Matchsticks to help tired eyes

To try and stay awake

It finished with a little note

From Santa Claus himself

Wishing us the very best

Happiness and health

I read it once then once again -

Seeing is believing -

He said “Remember … Christmas is

For giving, not receiving.

Chrismixed-up Mum

Mum’s had too much sherry

With all the preparations

She seems to be mixed up

With Christmas decorations

Win a copy of Funny Poems For Christmas

Here on the website in December will be a special Christmas Card illustrated by David Parkins and containing a poem I have started called ‘Things To Find In Santa’s Beard’. Email some extra lines for the poem to and, if your ideas are used, we will send you a FREE copy of Funny Poems for Christmas. Don’t forget to include your name, school and school address so we can send you your copy of the book.

The tree is in the bath

There’s tinsel in the street

There’s crackers in the shed

And holly on the toilet seat

Streamers on the garden fence

Stockings on the dog

And mistletoe on the chimney

So Santa gets a snog!

Poems © Paul Cookson