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Interactive: Pizzas ‘n’ Pies

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Serve up a treat with this fun interactive maths game

The ‘Pizzas ‘n’ Pies’ restaurant needs some help in the kitchen. Is your class ready to step up and take on the challenge? They will need to know their fractions if they hope to complete the food orders and meet the demands of the hungry customers.

Illustration of chefs outside 'Pizzas 'n' pies' restaurant

Two game versions

There are two versions of the game available (see below). A demo version of the game is available for non-subscribers, allowing children to play as the pie chef. Subscribers can access the full version of the game, which allows children to play as both the pie chef and the pizza chef.

  • Start by selecting your chef. Will it be pizzas or will it be pies?
  • The options screen allows you to set the difficulty of the challenges.
  • In ‘Practise mode’, children must click and drag the ingredients to fulfil the customers’ orders. By clicking on the ‘cook ‘n’ serve’ option, children can check their answers.
  • ‘Cook off challenge’ will really put your class to the test! Orders must be completed in a time limit, or the children will lose one of their three lives (represented by a chef’s hat). When all three lives have been lost the game is over. How many orders can your class successfully complete?

Circles and squares

By choosing the pizza chef, children will be able to practise quarters, halves, and eighths using small, medium and large circular templates. With the pie chef, children will be able to practise their fractions using the three square pie templates.


  1. Miss Ede
    on 14 June 2012

    Great resource

    We are going to use this as an introduction to fractions in year 1 and do a follow up activity where the children make their own pizza and pies to order!

    5out of 5
  2. caitlin
    on 17 February 2012


    a cool game play in school with class and teacher

  3. slushi
    on 8 March 2011

    Pizza 'n' Pies

    This went down a treat with my class! Thank you.

    5out of 5
  4. Kaffa
    on 30 September 2010

    Pizza 'n' Pies

    Fun way to introduce fractions. Pupils loved it!