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C is for cat

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By Yellow Door

Have fun with the letter ‘c’ in the final part of our mini series on letter sounds and shapes, which we’re sure you’ll enjoy in the run up to c-c-c-Christmas!

Cat illustration

Written for his recently published Playing with Sounds and Letters, Tim Harding’s catchy songs make learning about letter sounds a fun and memorable experience. Rhythm, rhyme and alliteration are integral to all the songs, so while you are introducing letter sounds, you will also be reinforcing the foundation skills of Letters and Sounds Phase 1.

Who do you know that starts with ‘c’?

This song offers a personalised way to think about and practise initial letter sounds. It is ideal for using alongside this month’s interactive activities to reinforce the letter ‘c’. The simple question-and-answer style allows the children to repeat the letter sound and respond together with four names.

This version of the song leaves a gap for you to say the letter sound and add your own names, making the song personal to the children.

For example, it might sound like this:

‘c c c c’, who do you know that starts with ‘c’?

‘c c c c’, who do you know that starts with ‘c’?

Chloe, Cameron, Connor, Caitlin.

‘c c c c’, who do you know that starts with ‘c’?

‘c c c c’, who do you know that starts with ‘c’?

Talk about the sound ‘c’ at the beginning of names such as Caroline and Callum. Do the children know anyone whose name starts with a ‘c’ sound?

You may need to decide whether to include names where the letter ‘c’ has a different sound, for example, Charlotte, or names with the ‘c’ sound that begin with another letter, for example, Keiran. This could provide an opportunity to talk about how a letter can sometimes make different sounds, and how different letters can make the same sound.

Invite the children whose names start with the ‘c’ sound to stand at the front as you sing the song together.

Interactive letter page

This song is about a cat creeping around the carpet, which is shaped like the letter ‘c’. It encourages the children to listen for the cat scraping her claws on the door, making a ‘c, c, c’ noise, while the animation models how to form the letter.

Enjoy listening to the song and watching the action together.

Listen to the cat as she scrapes with her claws. ‘c c c c c c c’

Listen to the sound as she scratches the door. ‘c c c c c c c’

She’s a black cat, a fat cat, a looking-for-a-rat cat.

Creeping on the carpet with velvet paws.

Listen to the cat as she scrapes with her claws. ‘c c c c c c c’.

If you have an interactive whiteboard, display the page and encourage the children to point at the cat as she creeps around the letter. Encourage them to follow it with their arms as this is a great way to trace the large letter ‘c’ in the air.

Look at the shape of the carpet together, and talk about how the letter ‘c’ is an unfinished circle.

Practise the ‘c’ sound together. Encourage the children to make the ‘c c c’ sound of the cat scratching at the door. Can they hear any words in the song, other than ‘cat’, starting with the ‘c’ sound?

Invite the children to take turns to tell everyone something that they can do starting with the ‘c’ sound, such as crawl, catch or cough.

Look at the picture together. Say, ‘One day the canary escaped from its cage. Then the cat crept into the room. What happened next?’. Can the children think of some ‘c’ words to describe the cat?

The picture has lots of items to spot starting with ‘c’. Invite the children to find some of these:

  • clock
  • canary
  • curtains
  • coal
  • carpet
  • cat flap
  • curtains
  • cushion
  • candles
  • candlesticks
  • cake
  • cups
  • coffee
  • cage

Reader offer

These ideas and activities are taken from the ‘Playing with Sounds and Letters’ Sing and Play Pack and Interactive CD-ROM. They are reproduced here by kind permission of Yellow Door.

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Cat action

Click on the purple hand button to make the draggable cat appear. Show the children how to move it around the letter ‘c’. Again, this is an ideal activity to carry out on an interactive whiteboard, as it prompts large-scale letter formation. The green and red mouse toys indicate where to start and stop drawing the letter, and the pattern on the carpet shows the direction of the correct letter formation.

Click on the blue ear button to hear the letter sound spoken. Encourage the children to draw large, anti-clockwise circles in the air. Progress to drawing the letter ‘c’ in the air, remembering the shape that the cat travels around. Invite the children to creep around the room like a cat and say ‘c c c c’.

Take the learning outdoors, and encourage the children to throw a ball in the air and try to catch it while they say ‘c c c c’.

Stand in a circle and sing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands’, encouraging the children to say ‘c c c c’ as they clap their hands together.