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Eco-island: Scrapheap Barrens activity 4

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Recycle old Christmas cards and use them to make new ones

Recycled Christmas cards

Key Stages 1 & 2

Key Stage 1 Curriculum links: PSHE 2g &5g, Art & Design 2a-c, 3a & 5a

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Links: PSHE 2j, Art & Design 2a-c, 3a & 5a, Geography 5b

What to do: Ask the children to bring to school all the unwanted Christmas cards that were sent to their family over Christmas. Make a big pile of these in the classroom to underline how much unwanted card is thrown away each year after Christmas. It is simple to turn these cards into new ones to reduce the amount thrown away and to save buying cards next year. Give the children a piece of coloured card either A4 or A5 size and ask them to fold it in half. They can choose a piece of handmade paper with a contrasting colour and stick it onto the front of their card. The children can then cut out pictures from the front of the old Christmas cards, using just one image or various images. They can also add sequins or glitter for finishing touches. When the cards are finished ask the children to comment on what they have made. Would they feel happy to send this recycled card to somebody? Do they feel satisfied to have created something new out of an item that was to be thrown away?

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