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Comic Relief: Do something funny for money

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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Bring lots of fun and laughter to your setting on Red Nose Day with these fantastic ideas for the children to raise funds for Comic Relief

Do Something Funny For Money

Red Nose Day 09

Perform Something Funny

Invite parents to buy tickets to see their children in ‘The funny fashion parade’. Provide the children with a dressing-up box full of mismatched clothing, red noses and fancy-dress props. Encourage the children to have fun by dressing up in a strange assortment of outfits for the fashion parade, for example, a police helmet could be worn with a frilly dress, a red nose and a fairy wand; a builder’s hard hat could be worn with a nurse’s apron, a red nose and a swash-buckling sword; or a princess’s dress could be worn with a pirate’s eye patch, a red nose and wellington boots.

Extend your fundraising opportunities by inviting the children to take photographs of each other in their funny outfits. Display the photographs on the wall for the parents to buy as a reminder of ‘The funny fashion parade’.

Wear Something Funny

Download the ‘Smiley face mask’ from Nursery Education PLUS and copy it on to several pieces of card. Help the children to cut out the masks, then invite them to decorate them using pens; pencils; paints; collage; glitter and beads; or sponge prints. Help the children to attach ribbon, elastic or a safety pin to each mask so that it can be worn in a silly place. Display all the decorated masks in the entrance to your setting.

Encourage all your visitors including staff; relatives; delivery drivers; children; and even local dignitaries to buy a mask to wear in a silly place of their choice, for example, on their elbow; on their knee; on their tummy; on their delivery lorry; on their wheelchair; on their handbag; and so on.

Extend your fundraising opportunities by reducing the size of the mask on the photocopier to create mini funny faces for the children to decorate and sell as smiley face badges.

For more great craft and make activities, visit Red Nose Day

Bake Something Funny

Make big, red cheesy noses to sell in a ‘We’ve baked something funny’ sale at your setting. You will need: 100g of plain flour; a few tiny drops of natural red food colouring; a of pinch salt; 60g of butter or margarine (cut into tiny pieces); 80g of grated cheese; yolk of one egg; approximately three teaspoons of cold water.

Help the children to sift the flour into a plastic bowl, then rub in the butter with their clean fingers. Add the grated cheese and mix to a stiff paste using the egg yolk, water and red food colouring. Roll the mixture on to a floured board and cut into circles with a round pastry cutter to resemble lots of red noses. Place the noses on a greased baking tray and cook for approximately ten to 15 minutes in a moderate oven. Leave the noses to cool.

Invite the children to draw two funny eyes and a cheeky smile on to several small paper plates, then place one red cheesy nose on to each plate and sell for a cheeky price for a very good cause.

Extend your fundraising opportunities by inviting parents to ‘Bake Something Funny’ with their children at home to contribute to the sale.

Show and Tell Something Funny

Organise a ‘Funny things exhibition’ at your setting by inviting the children, parents, grandparents, staff and people in the local community to donate funny items to the exhibition, for example, funny photographs, objects, models, pictures, artefacts, books, music and clothes. Encourage the children to bring the funny items into your setting for a special ‘Show and tell something funny’ session. Help the children to advertise the exhibition by drawing and painting funny posters to place around the local community. Raise funds by charging an entrance fee for people to view the exhibition.

Play Something Funny

Download the ‘Put your Red Nose on’ board game from Nursery Education PLUS and laminate it. Invite the children to play the game by taking turns to throw a dice and to move accordingly around the track. If a player lands on a space showing a picture of a smiley face with a red nose, they must wear their Red Nose. If they land on a space showing a smiley face without a red nose, they must take their Red Nose off. The aim of the game is to reach the finish line wearing a Red Nose! Ask everyone wishing to play the game to donate a fee to Comic Relief.

You can order your Red Noses through the Nose Deposit Scheme at Red Nose Day

Visit Red Nose Day for more fantastic Red Nose Day fundraising ideas.

Read Something Funny

Encourage the children to write their name, in big bold letters, on to a strip of card. Help the children to cut up their name to provide a pile of letters. Invite the children to reposition the jumbled letters in a row to create several different gobbledegook names. Have fun by helping the children to read the nonsense names out loud! Ask each child to choose their favourite nonsense name and write the chosen name on a big red badge. Invite everyone in your setting to pay for the privilege of wearing a ‘Big red nonsense name badge’ and to be called by their nonsense name, all day long, during a designated ‘Nonsense name day’.