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Red Nose Day crafts

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By Noey McElweeteacher of design and technology and freelance writer

Use these comedy-inspired craft ideas to help celebrate Red Nose Day! You could even sell some of them to raise money

Red Nose Day 13 March 2009


  1. Funny photo frame
  2. Red nose mascot
  3. Red nose keyring
  4. Wobbly hands badge/magnet
  5. Red Nose Day fridge magnet

1. Funny photo frame

Red nose funny photo frame

(Will fit a 10cm x 15cm photograph)

You will need:

Read more about how your school can Do Something Funny this Red Nose Day, plus see below for more Red Nose Day-inspired craft ideas!

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Red Nose Day: Red Nose Big Top Splat!

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3mm MDF or thick card cut to the following lengths: 18.5cm x 13.5cm for the back board, two pieces 18.5cm x 1.5cm and one piece 0.5cm x 1.5cm for the ‘spacers’, four pieces 13.5cm x 2.5cm for the frame, an optional triangular piece for the frame’s stand; 10cm x 15cm photograph; PVA glue/sticky tape/staple gun; acetate; paint; decorating materials; thin wire or pipe cleaner and foam/felt for the red nose.

What to do:

1. Using the glue gun, glue the ‘spacer’ pieces onto the back board on three sides leaving the top end open.

2. Paint the frame pieces and decorate with red noses. Allow to dry. Glue these on top of the spacer pieces matching up the edges. (Tip: Glue the frame piece that goes over the open end first followed by the corresponding piece on the opposite side.) Cut a piece of acetate film exactly the same size as the photograph and insert into the picture frame through the opening. Insert the photograph beneath. Glue the stand to the back of the frame if you wish.

3. To make the springy nose, coil a piece of thin wire or a pipe cleaner around a pencil. Attach a red nose made from felt or foam to one end. With some sticky tape or a staple gun, fix the spring nose to the side or back of the frame – making sure that the red nose falls over the nose of the person in the picture. (For a simpler option, you could stick ‘red noses’ to the picture using appropriate stickers or mini pompoms.)

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2. Red nose mascot

Red nose mascot

You will need:

6cm polystyrene ball; red feather trim; piping cord; wooden beads; Copydex and PVA glue; elastic cord or spring; 6mm dowel; small screw eye and a kebab stick.

What to do:

1. Push a length of 6mm dowel into the polystyrene ball and use it to hold onto the ball as you cover it in Copydex.

2. When the glue is slightly tacky, cover the ball with the red feather. Then, turn the ball over so that the dowell is sticking out of the top – this will be removed later in step 6.

3. Cut two lengths of piping cord, 17cm long, to make the legs and two lengths, 10cm long, to make the arms. Attach a wooden bead onto the end of each length of cord.

4. Use scissors to make small holes in appropriate arms and legs positions in the furry polystyrene ball. Poke the piping cord arms and legs into the holes, using PVA glue to secure.

5. Make a nose by gluing a wooden bead to a small length of kebab stick and push it into the polystyrene.

6. Cut off the dowel about 2cm from the top of the polystyrene ball and screw a small screw eye into the end of it. Attach a long spring or a length of elastic cord to it.

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3. Red nose keyring

Red nose keyring

You will need:

Red pompom – approximately golf ball-sized (not homemade); piping cord; 5 wooden beads; large-eyed needle; cotton thread; keyring finding and Copydex glue.

What to do:

1. Cut a 16cm length of piping cord for the legs and fold in half. Cut two 5cm lengths for the arms. Glue wooden beads onto the four ends.

2. Sew the centre fold of the piping cord legs into the middle of the pompom with the needle and cotton. Sew the jump ring of the keyring into the top of the pompom.

3. Glue the arms in place with Copydex. Glue a bead into the pompom for the nose.

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4 . Wobbly hands badge/magnet

Red nose wobbly badge

You will need:

Polymer clay; two pieces of thin wire; wooden bead; kebab stick; glue; magnet; badge finding (available from craft suppliers) and epoxy resin glue.

What to do:

1. Make a round dome shape, with a flat back, from polymer clay.

2. Coil two pieces of thin wire around a pencil to make the springy arms. Make a nose by gluing a wooden bead onto a short piece of kebab stick. Push the ends of the wire and the nose into the correct positions in the clay dome to make small holes, then remove them before you bake the clay.

3. Bake the clay (according to packet instructions) and allow to cool.

4. Add the arms and nose back into the dome again securing with PVA glue.

5. Cut hand shapes from small pieces of fun foam and glue onto the ends of the wire arms. Stick a little bit of feather trim to the top of the head.

6. Glue either a badge finding or a strong magnet onto the back of the dome with epoxy resin glue.

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5. Red Nose Day fridge magnet

Fridge magnets

You will need:

Computer and colour printer; white card; laminator and magnetic canvas.

What to do:

1. Use a computer to create a shape – the funnier and funkier the better.

2. Use the ‘Fill’ tool to colour the whole of the shape with a bright colour. Next, add a funny scanned-in or clip art image to your shape.

3. Print out the design in colour onto cardboard and cut out. Laminate the design (an adult should use the laminator). Cut around the design again to remove the excess plastic, leaving a narrow border all the way around.

4. Trim some magnetic canvas to fit the design. Alternatively, use epoxy resin glue to fix a solid magnet to the back.

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  1. lucy ellis
    on 15 February 2011

    the red nose

    I think red nose day is better than funny its hilarious.Red nose day is fun because you can desine your own red nose and sell them for sports relife.(ITS GRATE RED NOSE DAY.)