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George sprays the dragon!

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It’s not so much slays as sprays in this interactive game, as St George fights fire with water in our legendary duel…


To celebrate St George’s Day on 23 April, we’ve gone dragon crazy! But rather than use the traditional weapon of a sword, our budding hero must defeat the dragon using only a hose and a tank of water strapped to his back.

Children can control George, letting him dodge flames and jump over dangerous terrain. Every time the dragon appears on screen, they have to try and extinguish his flames by spraying water out of George’s hose. But be warned: if George gets burned more than three times on his quest, it’s game over!

Suggestions for playing the game:

  • Let the children play after they have completed a fun quiz about St George (see below for some useful information )
  • The first child to finish our dragon wordsearch online activity sheet gets to have a go.
  • Let two children play the game – one controlling George’s movements and the other his water tank.
  • Children are also against the clock with this game – can they better their score the more times they play?
  • Start a discussion about fire safety and how fire fighters use hoses.
  • Keep a class tally to see who is the ultimate George legend!