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Through the keyhole: Victorian kitchen

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Queen Victoria may not be amused, but we’re certainly happy – it’s another keyhole mystery!

Victorian kitchen 2

This fantastic interactive resource is best viewed full screen on an interactive whiteboard. Children can move the keyhole around the scene to reveal different sections of the picture. By examining what they see through the keyhole, children will build up a picture of the room and its owner, via the different objects and details. Also online is a black and white version of the illustration (see below). And don’t miss the traditional toyshop in next month’s issue!

Things to look out for in the image:

  • Time for tea: Are these the sort of plates the children use at home? They’re rather fancy. Maybe they belong to someone who can afford nice things…
  • We are not amused: Hmmm, this doesn’t look like our current Queen. Perhaps this painting is of a British monarch from the past – but which one?
  • Time for pudding: Mmmm, is someone in the process of making apple pie? Yummy! Who could be preparing such a delicious dish?
  • Food for thought: Shouldn’t some of this food be kept in the fridge? Come to think of it, where is the fridge? And what about all the other mod cons you’d expect to find in a typical kitchen?
  • Ready, steady, cook: No microwave? I don’t much like the idea of using this old thing, especially without oven gloves! And I wonder why the person isn’t using an electric kettle to boil their water…
  • Cop-per load of this! What a lot of shiny pots! What could they be made of? Where’s the steel and aluminium we’re used to today?
  • Blow it! Bellows are quite an old-fashioned implement to find in a kitchen. What do the children think they are used for?


  1. Helen Yang
    on 7 June 2017

    Victorian kitchen

    It is great to practice speaking.

    5out of 5
  2. mrs alfrord
    on 31 January 2014

    frow the key hole

    I fink it will be good

    5out of 5