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Adventure to Planet 51!

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Aliens, an astronaut and a whole lot of fun — all part of a new animated feature film launching this autumn

Planet 51

Liven up rainy days this autumn with our fun-filled set of age appropriate resources on the soon-to-be released alien adventure comedy, Planet 51. The movie is a clever twist on an alien invasion film that introduces children to Planet 51 – a world that looks like our own but is instead inhabited by green-skinned beings!

The ‘alien invasion’ arrives in the form of a human astronaut, Captain Chuck Baker, who crashes down onto Planet 51 during a family barbeque. Chuck thinks he’s the first person to step foot on the planet, only to be met with the astonished faces of the planet’s inhabitants – little green people who live in a white picket-fenced world reminiscent of cheerful suburban America, and whose only fear is that they will be over-run by alien invaders…like Chuck. With the help of a friendly teenager, Lem, and other Planet 51 citizens, Chuck tries to avoid the local Anti-Alien Army and get back safely to his spaceship before he is captured.

FREE classroom resources!

The film will undoubtedly be a hit with children (and adults!) and there are many learning links that can be made to bring the film to life in the classroom. We’ve produced a range of FREE resources to help you explore this fantastic film in your classroom.

Key Stage 1

Child Ed PLUS: Lively literacy activities linked to Stories about fantasy worlds (Y1) and Stories with familiar settings (Y2), with Citizenship and SEAL themes to explore, too. An A2 poster, activity sheets featuring a character profile and film scenes, teaser trailer and ‘Through the keyhole’ resource support the activities.

Key Stage 2

Junior Ed PLUS: supporting literacy links to Stories set in imaginary worlds (Year 4) and Extending narrative (Year 6), PSHE and citizenship, Unit 5 – Living in a diverse world. Plus, stunning A2 poster, activity sheets with character profiles, prop images and script extracts, teaser trailer and fantastic ‘through the keyhole’ interactive resource!

Literacy activities

Literacy Time PLUS: creative literacy ideas supporting Literacy Planning Units at Key Stage 1 and 2, including Stories about fantasy worlds (Y1 and Y3), Stories with familiar settings (Y2), Persuasion texts (Y4), Dramatic conventions (Y5) and Fiction genres (Y6). With a stunning A2 poster and teachers’ notes, activity sheet activities, feature articles, script extract, trailer, film synopsis and interactive ‘through the keyhole resource’.

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