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Ancient Egypt

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By Brenda Williamspoet and writer

Take your class on a journey of discovery through Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt is a topic that never ceases to intrigue and enthuse. From spectacular pyramids to the stunning sphinx, pharaohs, tombs and mysterious hieroglyphics, there’s so much opportunity for cross-curricular learning that it’s no wonder Ancient Egypt continues to be a favourite teaching topic.

This creative topic can begin with the fantastic story starter ‘The Pyramids of Giza’. The story starter is initially set in modern day Egypt, and features four characters who suddenly find themselves cast back in time to the days of the pharaohs. To help return the characters to the 21st century, your class must research four topic areas of Ancient Egypt: beliefs and traditions, the pyramids, everyday life and communication. Each topic area is intrinsically linked to one of the story characters. By conducting research and completing the linked activities assigned to each topic area, your class should then be able to write a story ending for each of the characters. As well as finding out lots about the history of Ancient Egypt, this month’s creative topic is also ideal for boosting story-writing skills, as children blend fact with fiction to write their story endings. While the story starter will really help to bring this topic to life, the activities can be carried out independently, if preferred.

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Ancient Egypt: The Pyramids of Giza

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