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Adventure to Planet 51!

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Discover some exciting, cross-curricular classroom activities and supporting resources linked to the new film Planet 51


Picture the scene – it’s a hot, sunny day, a family are relaxing in their garden, Dad is flipping burgers on the barbeque when, all of a sudden, the tranquillity is broken. The sky turns an ominous bluey/black and something comes careering out of the clouds. There’s a ‘THUD… THUDTHUD’. An unidentified visitor has landed in the family’s garden – they stare open mouthed – bemused by the vision in front of them. But, all is not what it seems…

Planet 51, a new animated film showing in cinemas from 20 November ‘09, presents a clever twist on an alien invasion story. It introduces children to a world that looks like ours – Planet 51 – but is inhabited by green-skinned beings! The family are aliens and the unidentified visitor is a human astronaut, Captain Chuck Baker, who crashes down onto Planet 51 during the family’s barbeque!

Planet 51 will undoubtedly be a hit with children and adults, and there are many learning links that can be made to bring it to life in the classroom. We’ve produced a range of resources to help you explore this fantastic film in your classroom, supporting learning in literacy, PSHE and citizenship, including a poster, activity sheets, interactive resource, trailer and activities.