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Some brilliant websites for the KS1 classroom!

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Here are some brilliant websites to use in the KS1 classroom.

Poetry Archive

Feel like hearing a poem with your class? Then log onto the Poetry Archive and listen to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to check out their Children’s Poetry Archive, too.

Tate Museum

We can’t always make it to art exhibitions – especially with 30 children in tow. So let the gallery come to you with the Tate’s staggering online collection of 65,000 works of art.


Although some of its content isn’t always 100 per cent accurate, Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopaedia is a true godsend for answering all those questions children just have to ask!


YouTube, the self-broadcasting site has a clip of almost everything you could ever want. From famous speeches to science demonstrations, you’re guaranteed that someone out there has posted what you’re after.


Save the energy you spend on designing wordsearches by getting Puzzlemaker to do the hard work for you. Just type in what words you want, how big you would like the grid to be – and voila!

Roald Dahl Museum

Delve into the hidden world of the late, great Roald Dahl. Read early drafts of his work and look at pictures of his famous writing hut. You can also download lesson plans to go with each of his books.

Teachers International Consultancy

Feel like doing something a bit different with your teaching? Then look at taking your skills abroad by visiting the Teachers International Consultancy website.

Show Me

It’s hard not to be slightly overwhelmed at the amount on offer when you first visit Show Me. But don’t be put off, as it’s bursting with free games and activities from UK museums and galleries.


NASA has some fantastic images on its website, which teachers are allowed to download for educational purposes. Displaying the ‘image of the day’ on your interactive whiteboard will really get the children’s attention!

Natural History Museum’s Dino Directory

It’s universally acknowledged that children are fascinated by dinosaurs. Luckily, the Natural History Museum’s Dino Directory has more than enough to satisfy budding palaeontologists.

The British Library’s Listen to Nature

The British Library has a comprehensive collection of animal sounds in its archive, which you can explore by animal group, location or habitat. A great way for children to listen to exotic animals.


Booktrust is a charity aimed at encouraging people to discover the joys of reading. They have a special section dedicated to children’s books which is well worth a regular visit.

Google Earth

Google Earth is, quite frankly, just plain brilliant. Download it to your desktop and have fun zooming in on anywhere in the world – from the Pyramids of Giza to your own school!

The Victoria and Albert’s Museum of Childhood

The Victoria and Albert’s Museum of Childhood is a fountain of knowledge on the history of childhood, especially moving toys!

The British Museum

The British Museum has a range of resources for teachers to use in the classroom across a variety of different eras and subjects! Their sub-site Teaching history with 100 objects is also well worth a look.

Ordnance Survey

Suitable for older KS1 children, Ordnance Survey has developed a website to help you teach map-reading skills in a fun way. Click on the ‘Info’ and ‘Tools’ tabs to get started.

Story Nory

Introduce younger children to Bertie the Frog and his archive of free audio stories, which can be downloaded or listened to on the site. Perfect for ending the school day.

Simply Scripts

Does your class love watching films? Then let them read the scripts, too, by paying a visit to Simply Scripts. The website has downloadable screenplays, from classic movies to current flicks.

The Hamilton Trust

Ever wished you could have a couple of ready-made lessons? Then relax! The Hamilton Trust has 7,500 resources, so there’s sure to be something on there for you.


  1. John Bradley
    on 13 January 2011

    32 of the best websites

    Great browsing the 32 but you missed one of the best for Art Co-ordinators;

  2. karen capell
    on 9 January 2010

    32 of the best websites

    superb! didnt think i would enjoy spending a saturday night trawling these websites, they’re inspiring, exciting and simply the best! especially scholastic of course!! x