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Winter art

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By Robert WattsProgramme Convener for MA Art, Craft and Design Education at Roehampton University

Capture the season through art using three different pictures as creative stimuli

Graphic Xmas tree

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As children progress through Key Stage 2, their artworks begin to include a wider range of detail. These might be details that provide more information about the people or places represented in their work, or about a particular event or activity – but they can also be details that evoke a particular time of year. Representing the changing seasons in their artwork is something that children often do instinctively, perhaps by drawing a few blobs of snow across the page or painting a blazing Sun in the top corner. With a little reflection, however, seasonal changes can be depicted a little more subtly and creatively.

As part of the creative topic, you’ll find a set of images selected to evoke different aspects of winter, each of which can be used to inspire some artwork from your class. I’ve chosen a peaceful rural scene by the 19th Century Scottish painter, Joseph Farquharson, to focus children’s attention on subtle use of colour; an imposing landscape by the 19th Century German artist, Caspar David Friedrich, that will prompt children to explore their use of line and tone, and finally a contemporary design that will form the starting point for experiments in ICT. All the images are available as posters.

Winter art

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